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Purify Your Air

Industry-leading, demolition-free, patented dry fog technology that completely eradicates all mold!

Why Mold One

Patented and Innovative

Our innovative, patented dry fog technology eradicates all microbes and pathogens on surfaces and in the air. Our revolutionary two-step process can get rid of mold in your home within a day.  We protect the health of our customers by restoring the health of their homes or workplaces. After every job, we send an air sample to a third party lab to ensure the mold is gone. 

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The Technology

How Does Dry Fog Work?

Our patented fogging technology condenses our sterilant, InstaPURE, to such a small molecular size that the fog comes out dry. It is the only mold remediation technology which can simultaneously eradicate surface, airborne and hidden mold. Our fogger creates positive air pressure meaning our sterilant is forced to dwell on every surface item. As the fog is 'dry', it can't condense on surfaces, meaning it dwells in the air eradicating the abundance of airborne spores. Because our sterilant is forced into such a small molecular size, it can penetrate under floorboards, behind cavity walls and into safely into soft furnishing. 

We also lay down an anti-microbial film on all surfaces to prevent future mold growth. 

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Breath Easier

Mold remediation that doesn't break the bank, or your walls. 

Mold One is No Mess, Non-Toxic, Can Treat your Personal Belongings, Is Fast, Treats Airborne Mold, Treats Hidden Mold, and Stops Mold from Returning! 

That's Why we say
"Call Mold One and Mold is Done"

Our Satisfied Customers

Brian D.

Very happy with Mold One's service, they were very fast with communications, assessment / sending quote as well as scheduling and performing the mitigation process. I had a certificate of air quality before their tech left (which i need for RISE), who was also very friendly and informative about the process and chemicals used. 100% would recommend their service, and they were much cheaper than other companies!

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