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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it safe?

Absolutely!  Our product and process is safe, green, approved by the FDA, and used by the Army Corps of Engineers. 

How should I prepare for my appointment? 

The home will need to be vacant during the dry fog process, so plan a place for you and your pets to be during the services. You will receive  a message a few days prior to your service that will confirm your appointment and give basic instructions on how to prepare your home. They are simple things like open all closets, close all windows, etc.

Do I need to get everything out of the house?

No need! In fact, you want to keep as many of your belongings inside the home as possible for treatment.  The reason is that mold spores get trapped inside fabrics, furniture, clothing, mattresses, and everything else. So it is actually really smart to keep those things in the home so we can treat them all. 

*If you plan to treat only one room of your home, we will likely encourage a full home treatment because of this fact and the amazing benefits from treating the home in its entirety. 

Do I need to take paintings and/or wall art down? 

Because the of the dryness of the fog, Mold One has never had an issue with wall art or paintings, but many people feel more comfortable taking expensive paintings down or covering them with a blanket. 

What about fruit or other food left out in the kitchen? 

The patented chemical used by Mold One has been FDA approved for food contact, but to retain the fresh taste of your produce you may want to place it in a zip lock bag or refrigerator.

Will it get behind my walls?

Our patented technology creates a 7.5 micron sized particle.  A mold spore is between 12 and 30 microns.  Thus, any place where a mold spore can get in or out of, the fog will penetrate those areas.  In special situations where there is a known issue behind a wall, we can poke a few 1/8 inch holes between the studs and treat the back of the wall directly.

How long before I can re-enter my home? 

Each job is different depending on the size of the home, but a Mold One employee will let you know how long the process will take when the bid is submitted. You may notice a subtle different smell when you return but that will dissipate quickly and is harmless.

What will the mold look like after the treatment?

The stains that the mold has created will not go away but we can clean them for you at a small additional cost.  If you want, you can do that yourself after the treatment and everything will be perfectly safe to handle and clean after treatment. 

Will I need to clean everything after the treatment?

Nope, you won't need to.  Our process leaves no residue so your home and everything in it will be mold free!

How long does it last?

If all moisture and water issues are resolved, this is a very permanent solution.  With minor water issues like humidity or condensation on windows, we have tested it out about 6 years and have not been able to get mold growth because of the EverPURE antimicrobial protectant.  With major water issues you will only get about 90 days of protection.

Does it kill bugs?

Bugs certainly do not like it and many customers report that it has, but the EPA has not approved it as a pesticide so we avoid making any claims about bugs.

How will I know if it worked?

Your technician will take an air sample upon completing the treatment and send it to an independent third party lab.  We use an accredited mold lab that has no affiliation with any mold testing or mold remediation companies.   About 4-5 days after the treatment, you will get the results via email.

More About Mold

Is mold in a house dangerous?

Yes, when mold is growing in a home toxic spores are being released and flowing through the vents and air ducts to every room of the home. The spores are then breathed in by the occupants and can cause serious medical problems.

Is mold harmful to breathe?

Mold is definitely harmful to breathe. The severity of the mold as well as the type of mold and the persons individual tolerance will factor into the actual effects the mold has on the human body. Growth often occurs in hidden places inside a home and is the source of mysterious illnesses.

What effects does mold have on people?

Depending on the type of spores growing, illnesses ranging from sinus infections and allergies to Alzheimer’s disease and MS can result. Illnesses can be very serious and mold toxins in a body are difficult for family doctors to measure. If you feel sick and the doctors aren’t sure why, getting your home tested for mold is a great idea.

Can I use bleach to get rid of mold?

NO! This is a common misconception. Bleach will cause the mold spores to lose their color and appear to be gone, however, the spores will not die. They will continue to grow without color and using a liquid bleach can even increase the speed at which they grow because of the added moisture and humidity.

What causes mold to grow?

The individual mold spores are flowing throughout the open air all of time. When the small amount of spores are breathed outdoors they are combined with such a large portion of fresh are that they rarely have an effect. Sometimes in the spring the outdoor counts increase an create outdoor allergies. However when moisture is aloud to dwell on a porous surface inside a building these few mold spores will attach themselves to that surface and begin to grow at a rapid pace. Once these spores have attached it takes much more than household cleaners to break there strong hold.

How do I get rid of mold?

There are over the counter products like KILZ that will slow the growth of the spores. However, this will only slow down the problem at the surface and can still cause serious health effects.  There is no product that can treat the air in your home like we can! To get your home completely free of mold call Mold One.

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