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Types of Household Mold and its Effects on Family

It is important to note that not all household mold has the same effect on your home or family members living inside the home. Remediation will vary depending on the type of molds, and whether or not they are producing spores (spores can have a negative health impact). Here are some common types of household mold you may encounter in your own home:

- Black Mold

- Aspergillus

- Penicillin Mold

- Cladosporium

- Stachybotrys

The most common health symptoms associated with mold exposure are allergic reactions, skin irritation (like rashes), eye and throat irritations. Other more serious effects include fever or flu like illness, difficulty breathing, fatigue and headaches. People suffering from asthma may experience an increase in asthmatic episodes after having been exposed to mold.

We offer Free Inspections as well as Air Spore Testing and Mold Remediation Services.

Call or Text Mold One today to set up a free Inspection in Rhode Island at 401-291-1500 or Missouri at 357-222-0216.

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