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Air Testing

We us EMlab P&K for all testing

EMlab P&K is North America's leading commercial mold laboratory.  They have 30 years of experience analyzing mold and their expertise means fast and reliable results for our customers.  

Our technicians take a mold test by moving 75 liters of air across a spore trap using a small pump.  Those spore traps are shipped over night to their lab for analysis.  Results are then returned within a few business days.  Our helpful technicians will call you and explain to you the results and recommend a course of action.

Air testing starts at $95.

Mold Remediation

We remove mold within a few hours

Step 1: The InstaPURE™ Process

The InstaPURE process is a powerful disinfectant process that reaches all mold spores throughout your home and destroys them. The InstaPURE process utilizes such a strong disinfectant, it disinfects any surface it touches.

Step 2: The EverPURE™ Process

EverPURE process provides protection wherever it is applied. This microscopic, anti-microbial surface agent leaves no residue but sits on all surfaces in your home waiting for the next bacteria or mold spore looking for a place to land. When any pathogens land on a surface in your home, EverPURE process destroys the cell on contact.

Remediation starts at $1200 for an attic/crawlspace and $1/sq foot for houses with a $1200 minimum.